The department of Aquatic Sports

Objectives of the Department

• Preparing a graduate capable of meeting the needs of the outside community in the field of Aquatic Sports.
• Developing and improving the learning process to keep up with the developments of labor market.
• Developing of evaluation systems for educational effectiveness, evaluation of learning outcomes and updating evaluation methods and examinations in the department.
• Enhancing Faculty competencies and developing research capacities in the design, management and following-up of education processes.
• Setting up distinguished research programs and projects in conjunction with the Department of Aquatic Sports at the Faculty.
• Proposing and submitting research plans for researchers in the department in order to do researches and scientific studies.
• Providing scientific advice and cooperation with the Egyptian and Arab sports bodies and institutions to hold symposiums and conferences in the field of Aquatic Sports.
• Preparing and fine-tune of specialized trainers to establish specialized training courses for trainers in cooperation with the sports federations in the field of Aquatic sports.
• Comprehensive evaluation of the department according to the accredited reference benchmarks in the field of quality system.
• Gain community trust by providing outstanding community service.

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