Curricula of Methodology Department

• Preparing and qualifying a graduate capable of teaching physical education at various levels of education.
• Preparing teachers and specialists in physical education according to contemporary scientific theories using the latest technologies related to the field of specialization.
• Preparing national cadres qualified scientifically, academically and professionally to work in educational, sports, health and military institutions.
• Qualifying and preparing a graduate capable of teaching physical education for the disabled by providing them with information, knowledge and special skills.
• Providing the student with the latest technology and all that is new in the field of curricula and methodology of physical education to keep pace with scientific progress and development.
• Preparing a graduate capable of using modern technology to support and improve the environment of sports practice to meet the various challenges in the future.
• Providing all the necessary resources to achieve the overall goal of the section which is to prepare a generation academically and professionally qualified to serve the community and meet the needs of the labor market.
• Providing the use of modern techniques in teaching and scientific research.
• Conducting scientific and field research in the field of specialization.
• Preparing a graduate capable of applying the health and environmental safety and health conditions of sports practice.
• Spreading the culture of sport among members of society.
• Providing expertise and scientific advice to all institutions of Egyptian society interested in various fields of physical education.
• Developing and refining the capacity of teachers through continuous education and keeping abreast of all the technology developed in the field of physical education.

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