the Department of Sports Training &Kinesiology Department

Objectives of the Department

• Preparing qualified cadres in the field of Sports Training &Kinesiology as trainers in clubs and schools for young people and all public and private sectors for various games and sports.
• Expand the base of sports practice.
• Participating in scientific research and research studies.
• Providing scientific and applied services to the employees in the field of sports training by establishing specialized training courses in cooperation with the sports federations and syndicates to raise the competence of trainers in the field of specialization service.
• Full commitment to the development and continuous improvement of courses and training effectiveness to ensure the achievement of a distinguished graduate.
• Reflecting the principle of cooperation between departments, faculties, bodies and corresponding scientific institutions locally and internationally.

• Providing scientific consultations in the field of sport, whether in clubs or bodies, institutions, companies, administrative departments and security agencies.
• Providing the community with educational and scientific elements to meet the needs in the field of training.

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