Disasters and Crises Management Unit

*Vision and Mission*



The Crisis and Disaster Management Unit seeks to provide a safe, equipped and prepared educational environment to cope with all types of crisis and disasters that may face the Faculty through providing all material and environmental preparations that ensure safety of the educational process. The Unit is also keen to train all cadres at the Faculty of students, Faculty members and employees on how to act in case of occurring a disaster or crisis, which helps to maintain the Faculty environment and the services provided by it. Moreover, it provides a distinguished educational service commensurate with what the Faculty aspires from the progress and development that allows getting accreditation and maintaining it. .


The Faculty has to be a safe educational institution equipped with all mechanisms to deal with emergency, crisis and disasters that can threaten the Faculty and educational process safety and settlement. Previous planning and preparation have to be a part of work planning at the Faculty, in order to deal with crisis that might occur during work.

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