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Holding the Discussion of the Ph.D. Dissertation Submitted by the Researcher\ Doha Essam Ateyya Hammad

Postgraduate Studies Department at Faculty of Physical Education announces holding the discussion o

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Holding the Discussion of the Master’s Thesis Submitted by the Researcher\ Samar Salama Abdel Baqy Ali

Postgraduate Studies Department at Faculty of Physical Education announces holding the discussion

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Prof. Hany Saeed Abdul Munem

Our Country is witnessing integral development in all social, economic, educational, organizational and healthcare fields. Higher Education is considered one of the pillars of development due to its role in preparing qualified cadres to carry forward integral development processes on strong basics. Therefore, the University has not neglected the role of sport in achieving that aim, so it works side by side with the sports institutions and clubs to spread the sports culture and reward distinguished students in various competitions and to encourage teamwork through the formation of teams and groups of different activities. Faculty of Physical Education is one of the responsible institutions that work to raise the healthcare, cultural and social standards of youth of our precious Country. Education and Scientific Research are considered the present and future of any country and without scientific research there is no hope for any nation in progress and prosperity. Therefore, Tanta University, which carries the mission of knowledge in all its fields, pays special attention to postgraduate studies and does its best to provide all the required elements to provide postgraduate programs with the highest levels of specialization required by the country to achieve its mission and objectives. Based on the Faculty's conviction of the importance of these studies, the Faculty has provided educational opportunities after the bachelor stage to the ambitious youth toprepare and qualify them properly. Official Webpage

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