Data Privacy and security policy

Data Privacy and security policy
• Faculty of Physical Education at Tanta University shall abide by applying the maximum security for data privacy on the mobile application and websites of the Faculty and University.
• Using our websites means that you accept our privacy policy of the websites and mobile application; so we provide maximum security via the server of the University and offer the required resources to protect personal data from omission, corruption, loss, leakage, modification, or any other unauthorized uses.
• All data of the academic staff, assistant staff, faculty personnel, and students (undergraduates and postgraduates) on the system are possessed by the Faculty and University.
• Data shall not be accessed by the E-Portal staff, systems development staff, or others unless there is an extreme necessity or for technical support and in a written agreement with the (the entity or the owner of the data).
• Data shall not be given to any individual or any subsidiary entity affiliated to the data owner except with a written agreement from the data owner and under a legal framework.
• Data recorded in the system may be used for making statistics utilized to measure the performance of the system and efficiency of its usage by the users.
• All data of the system shall be secured by securing the server which hosts the data, securing data transfer between the PC of the user and the server, and securing the system's interface.
• Each user shall be completely responsible for his password and has to take all possible precautions to prevent anyone from getting it.
• The system includes links of other external sites. The Faculty is not responsible for these sites, their privacy policies or any included files.
• The Faculty and University have the right to modify the privacy policy in legal frameworks. These modifications shall be enforceable after the publication on this site.
Proposals and complaints are received on the complaints page on the sites of the Faculty and University.

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