Community Service Affairs


Faculty of Physical Education seeks excellence and leadership in the field of education and research activities to meet the requirements of community and the surrounding environment in the sports field.


Faculty of Physical Education at Tanta University is an educational and research foundation that works on achieving its vision through:
• Preparing distinguished graduates in the fields of education, training, and sports management to meet the needs of the labor market locally and regionally.
• Developing scientific research to serve the educational process
• Participating in development of sports awareness by communication with society and the surrounding environment.

Strategic Objectives

1. Developing educational programs, courses, and assessment methods
2. Achieving student participation and support
3. Applying quality assurance standards to develop the educational process
4. Increasing competitiveness of the graduates
5. Developing the abilities of academic staff and assistant staff
6. Providing a base for scientific research and enhancing scientific and service relations of the Faculty locally and regionally
7. Participating in research projects of community service and determining the requirements of labor market
8. Activating the activities special units and increasing its social participation
9. Developing the organizational structure
10. Providing financial resources to complete the infrastructure


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